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As a self-taught Canadian artist who developed a passion for singing, I have taken my musical and performing talents to the Winnipeg Arena on stage with such luminaries as Celine Dion in 1996.

I performed for over 3000 people in Las Vegas and at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg. Victor Davies, songwriter for the Pan Am Games stated that “Aretha Franklin showed up” when he heard me audition.

I also ventured into the film industry and was cast in a variety of movies including The Avro Arrow, Marriage of Convenience, The Clown at Midnight, Nights Below Station Street, The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, The David Milgaard Story, A Helluva Woman, and a host of television commercials.

At a “Blast from the past” Roast, In New York,  I was invited by the original Kraemar of Seinfeld to be his guest and to perform ‘song” at a “Blast from the past” Birthday Roast for the veteran actor Joey Reynolds

As a songwriter, I have co-written songs with award-winning artist Freshie I.E. (Rob Wilson), John Wilson of the legendary “Sly Slick & Wicked”, (USA) and producer Chris Burke-Gaffney.

I was on the list of bands ready to perform for the U.S.O. for the American troups shortly after 911.

I continue to perform for live audiences and am currently working with local musicians and songwriters to develop new material.

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  • The Lance
    Suzanne Mariani's singing voice is like a fine French liqueur. After savoring the first sip you want more.
  • Holly McLean
    Early last Saturday morning, Winnipeg recording artist Suzanne Mariani stood in the middle of Murray's Maze - behind her, the perfect Manitoba sunrise.
  • Evelyn Watts
    I went to the venue with a few friends. We danced the whole night! Thanks, Suzanne!
  • Twyla Masterson
    Thank you for a wonderful evening!

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Meet me at 942 St. Mary’s Road August 23rd for the REMAX Doing It All for Kids Fundraiser.  Noon – 1:30 PM.

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